September 16, 2013
Hadoop Online Training

Hadoop Online Training


Apache Hadoop (High-availability distributed object-oriented platform) is an open source-distributed data-processing technology for handling large amounts of discordant data. Hadoop is a Java-based platform designed to take work with large clusters of servers to process petabytes of data in a distributed computing environment. Hadoop overcomes the limitations of regular Data Warehouses such as the high cost and ineffective data access of huge amounts of distributed data by taking a data query and distributing it over multiple computer clusters.


Hadoop’s distributed computing capabilities are acquired from two software frameworks: (HDFS) Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce. 

HDFS: The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a distributed file system. The difference between the Apache Hadoop and classic distributed file systems is that Hadoop is HDFS is highly fault-tolerant.

Map Reduce: It is a parallel processing programming framework for processing large data sets. MapReduce splits and distributes the input-data into independent blocks which are processed in a parallel way.

Hadoop Online Training

Apache Hadoop becoming very popular these days, as it is used by many world-best websites like Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM etc. There are many institutes which offer classrooms, and online Training in Hadoop. The training in Hadoop includes both basic and advanced concepts of Hadoop with interactive Hands-on sessions. Along with Hadoop online training you can also learn other technologies related to Hadoop training like MapReduce.

Online Hadoop training can be divided into three levels, starting from basics of Hadoop training in HDFS, the Hadoop filesystem. Intermediate level of Hadoop online training, includes installation, configuration of cluster size, Backup management, and some other monitoring tools etc.

The more advanced level in Hadoop training online covers, troubleshooting, error detection, and recovery, performance optimization of Hadoop cluster, and also securing the entire cluster etc.

The Hadoop Online Training program provides training sessions for different user groups at different time intervals. After the completion of course the certificate will be provided for the candidate in Hadoop Online Training with designations such as Hadoop Administrator, and Hadoop Developer.

The course details of Hadoop Online training,

  1. Training in Hadoop basic concepts and Hadoop Distributed File System.
  2. Create and manage Hadoop Clusters.
  3. Understand MapReduce and its parallel programming model.
  4. Hadoop Architecture
  5. integration of MapReduce with Hadoop, implementation of HBase.

Training in Hadoop is a Job oriented approach and it makes it very easy to learn Hadoop online provided with facilities like recorded video tutorials and online interactive sessions with the Hadoop trainer. This online training in Hadoop is carried by experienced and certified Hadoop Administrators and Hadoop developers.